Acceptable Use Policy


This Acceptable Use Policy (“Acceptable Use Policy”) defines DigiClap Technologies Private Limited’s (“BillClap”) policy and procedures with respect to the acceptable usage and restrictions on usage of BillClap Products, existing now or in the future. Your use of any BillClap Products will be deemed to be an acceptance of this Acceptable Use Policy. You are requested to read this Acceptable Use Policy carefully before using BillClap Products. If You do not agree with this Acceptable Use Policy, You must stop using the BillClap Products immediately.
This Acceptable Use Policy is a part of and incorporated within, and is to be read along with the Terms of Service (the “Terms of Service”). Terms capitalised in this Acceptable Use Policy and not defined herein shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms of Service. The User may view these Terms of Service on any of our BillClap Products or at the following address

1. Updates to the Acceptable Use Policy
BillClap reserves the right, at any time, to add to, change, update, or modify this Acceptable Use Policy. The User is advised to keep updated about any changes to this Acceptable Use Policy. The latest Acceptable Use Policy will be available at

2. Limitations on Content
You agree not to, host, upload, publish, transmit, update, share, sell or purchase any Content, items and activities through BillClap Products which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

3. Right to removal
BillClap reserves the right to remove any Content from the Services at any time, for any reason (including, but not limited to, upon receipt of claims or allegations from third parties or authorities relating to such Content or if BillClap is concerned that You may have breached the immediately preceding sentence), or for no reason at all.
4. Content responsibility
You, not BillClap, remain solely responsible for all the Content that You upload, post, email, transmit, or otherwise disseminate using, or in connection with, the Services, and You warrant that You possess all rights necessary to provide such Content to BillClap and to grant BillClap the rights to use such information in connection with the Services and as otherwise provided herein.