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We consist of a team of 50 individuals, all propelled by a shared sense of purpose. Our strength thrives on the distinctive culture that defines us, enabling us to consistently make meaningful and lasting differences to the world, our communities, and our personal careers.

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Field Sales (Outside Sales) Representative

Field Sales Executive
Business Area : SALES

Tele Sales (Work from Office) Executive

Sales Executive
Business Area : SALES
Interview Process

Our company follows a comprehensive interview process designed to ensure that we identify the best candidates who align with our values and can contribute significantly to our team. The process typically begins with an initial application review, where we assess qualifications, experience, and potential fit.

Telephonic Interview
A telephonic interview is a preliminary phase of our selection process where we engage with candidates over the phone.
Written Test
A written test is an integral component of our selection process, designed to evaluate candidates' knowledge, skills, and problem-solving abilities in a controlled and standardized manner.
Final Interview
The final interview is the culmination of our comprehensive selection process, where candidates who have successfully progressed through earlier stages are presented with the opportunity to engage in a more in-depth conversation with key decision-makers within our organization.

Gaurav Gupta



Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Daya Das


Prajesh Mishra

Frontend Developer(15+ yr)

Gaurav Singh

Head of Marketing | Digital Strategist | Marketing Analytics

Yashpal Yadav

Software Engineer (3+ yr)

Debalina Debroy

Marketing & Content Writer

Akshita Gera

Marketing Executive
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