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What is a Digital Dukaan

Digital Dukaan is an online website/store/shop where any business presents their products/services in a structured manner. Digital Dukaan is open for access to anyone in the world, as everything is present on the internet. Although it is a form of a website, it's not a complete website which carries every information of the business. Digital Dukaan can be created on BillClap.com with just 1 click. To create your digital dukaan on billclap & start receiving online orders you just have to add your products/services here - https://www.billclap.com/add-products. No coding required, No commission on orders, Just a single annual fee.

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Features of a Digital Dukaan

There are many good features of a digital dukaan, but to name a few important ones. Here they are:

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Unlimited Products

you can add as many products/services in your digital dukaan as you wish.

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Digital Dukaan can be accessed by devices including Mobile/Tablet/Desktop/Laptop if it has internet access.

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Digital Dukaan opens up very fast. Generally it doesn’t take more than 2-3 seconds to load on your device.

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One can easily search all your products or services in your digital dukaan. No need to scroll till the end.

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Order Creation

It is very easy to create an order in a digital dukaan as its main role is to get orders for merchants.

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Digital Dukaans can be integrated with delivery partners so that as soon as an order is received, delivery partner gets an intimation and delivery process starts.

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Payment Collection

Digital Dukaan can also collect payments on behalf of merchants via UPI/Debit & Credit Cards/Netbanking etc.

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Download Digital Dukaan

Digital Dukaan can also be created in the form of a native android or iOS app.

Latest Digital Dukaan Created on BillClap

How to upload products on Digital Dukaan

It’s very easy to add products in digital dukaan. There are mainly 3 ways in which products/services are added in a digital dukaan

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Manual addition

Each and every product/service added manually via a digital form.

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Bulk Upload

Uploading of csv/xlsx file with all information of product. Format of file varies for every company/industry.

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Pre-Created Items Library

Selecting the industry type and adding all generic products(along with images, prices, taxes etc) of that industry in just one click.

We at BillClap currently provide two ways of adding a product in digital dukaan. First and Third i.e Manual addition and Pre-Created Items Library. Our Items library has thousands of products and it is getting updated everyday


How was a
Digital Dukaan created

Digital Dukaan can be created with just one click. You don’t have to take any extra step besides adding your products, to create your digital dukaan. Every application just need the name of your digital dukaan and that’s it. Once you add your name to the dukaan, your digital dukaan is up and ready. At BillClap we do the same. You just provide the name of the dukaan and we create the digital dukaan in just one click

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Difference between Digital Dukaan and a website

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Digital Dukaan

  • Focussed towards products/services
  • Objective is selling or getting orders
  • It can be an app or website
  • Payment gateway is integrated
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  • Focussed towards complete brand messaging of a business
  • Object of website is brand building
  • It is only website
  • Payment gateway may or may not be present

Advantages of Digital Dukaan

Every business doesn’t require a website. Majority Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) generally require a digital dukaan as it has many advantages. Some of the advantages of Digital Dukaan are

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Customer Data

data is oil

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no hole in pocket

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Saves Time

no hole in pocket

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Handle High Demand

no need to hire extra resource to handle extra customers

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Same experience

to every customer

What kind of businesses should get a Digital Dukaan

Although any kind of business can have a digital dukaan. However, as per the trend we have seen that businesses which are selling standard products or services create digital dukaan so that they can sell their products/services online via their digital dukaan and get orders from their customers from any location. More than 99% businesses in India are SMB/MSME. India has more than 63Million SMB as per the CII data.

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Examples of digital dukaan
All category examples of digital dukaan of BillClap

Ways of opening a Digital Dukaan

There are multiple ways

  • Open Source - Woocommerce, Open Cart
  • Global eCommerce Companies - Amazon, Alibaba
  • eCommerce Solution Providers - Shopify
  • Digital Dukaan Creators - BillClap

Besides Billclap all above ways require technical knowledge for implementation and also a costly affair.

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Best ways to share your digital dukaan to customers

Following are best ways to share your digital dukaan

  • Sharing the link of your digital dukaan on Whatsapp/Email/Sms
  • Sharing the QR code of your digital dukaan on Whatsapp/Email/Sms etc

QR code sharing is only possible on Billclap. Create your digital dukaan and share the QR code of your dukaan here - https://www.billclap.com/onboarding

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Who is BillClap made for?

For Retailers
  • Faster billing with POS system in BillClap mobile app
  • Go Digital - Get a complete overview of your transactions
  • Simple and easy inventory management
  • Support for Thermal Printing
For Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Manage your customers outstanding and send payment links
  • Share Invoices via SMS and Whatsapp
  • Low stock alerts & Categories for managing inventory better
  • Customize invoice according to your business
Traders & Manufacturers
  • Manage your party ledgers & share excel report
  • Share eway bill to transporter via SMS and Whatsapp
  • Low stock alerts & Categories for managing stocks better
  • Customize GST invoice according to your business
  • Generate e-Invoice as per GST compliance
Service Providers
  • Manage your customers and vendors
  • Share purchase orders to vendors via SMS and Whatsapp
  • Create custom fields for managing service products
  • Customize GST invoice according to your business
  • Generate e-Invoice if eligible
Start Ups
  • Manage all your expenses at one place
  • Get payments faster from your customers
  • Visibility of Profit & Loss Statement
  • Saral accounting saves cost of an accountant
  • Generate tax Invoice as per GST compliance
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Stocks management feature has reduced my work hundred folds. This is much better than keeping the stocks on registers which were easily getting stolen or tempered.


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With mobile version, I can now now keep an eye on the expenses, stocks and vendor payments. I recommend BillClap to every small business who are still using excel to manage their accounting.

Akriti Gupta

MD & CEO, Bogatchi Chocolate

Made my business digital by moving from pen and paper to BillClap. Counter feature is easy to use and saves me time. Thermal printing is good for retail shop. Online store is helping me get more and bigger orders.


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They enabled us to implement e-Invoicing system in time and handled all our business complexities with ease. Thank you for the efforts and good job.

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Thanks to the team, we were live before 1st October without any hindrance. They handled all the complicated projects meticulously and seamlessly considering all the possible scenarios.

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