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Accessibly produce bills and share them on WhatsApp. Accomplish your retail accumulation sales digitally, right on your mobile—clear client columns quicker with India’s Number One Digital Accounting Software for retail stores.


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Why Pick Accounting Software for your retail store?

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Bill Quicker yet Smoothly

  • Start creating bills within minutes using our retail accounting software.
  • Mechanize the complete accounting procedure to eliminate the likelihood of human faults. Our accounting software for a retail shop is simple to use.
  • Influence clienteles with specialized paper bills.
  • Runs on both android mobile and desktop devices for relaxed supervision.

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Sell Items more Efficiently

Our accounting software for retail shops enables you to save storage space by eradicating the purchase of items with low demand.- Use the retail digital accounting software BillClap to keep track of items all time. ou can automate buying orders whenever a stock item reaches a minor limit. It aids you to avoid overstocking and use that cash to purchase higher requests in your region.

  • Never lose clienteles due to a shortage of supplies
  • Avoid overstocking and uphold cash flow effortlessly
  • Make sales strategy by examining reports.
  • Keep track of finishing dates of items to take action in time.

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Record, Track & Collect Payments

Please keep track of account payable and receivables at any point in time using our permitted retail accounting software. Allow customers to have various payment options. Keep archives of all the sale and purchase orders and screen them on an instantaneous basis. Accumulate payments through statements by sending digital compensation links.

  • Send payment reminders over multiple platforms.
  • Collect expenses using cash, eWallets, cards, UPI, direct bank transfers, and cheques.
  • Analyze expenses and earnings hearsays to make better use of your properties.

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Maintain control over your business

Accomplish your business workwise using BillClap software for a retail shop. Check-in all the particulars and completely manage your business flawlessly. Preserve local holdup of your data, and create GST bills for your clientele.

  • Optimize costs by producing critical business reports
  • Keep every minor detail regarding your business in check.
  • Contact your information anytime and anywhere.
  • File dues accurately by producing GST reports within minutes

Other Features

Mobile & Desktop Compatible

This Accounting software is there to work flawlessly on Android Mobile & Windows Desktop so that you or your business can start accounting quickly and efficiently without any compatibility concerns.

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Record Money Transactions

BillClap software for retail shops helps you record all expenditures and earnings in one place. Easily set up payment prompts for your clienteles to get paid beforehand of the due date. Track real-time information to make sure you don’t run out of money to run your business efficiently. Keep your focus on invoicing and recording your business and letting BillClap achieve your receivables and account payable.

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Analyze business

Know everything about your commercial at every point in time using BillClap’s insights like Cashflow, Stock/Inventory status, Bank status, Open Orders, using this mobile accounting app. Understanding the whole situation of your business in one place is very critical to make your company has good trustworthiness in the market and is running healthy.

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Bank Accounts

Complement, manage and track payments established to your bank accounts, e-wallets, on the go using BillClap, digital accounting software for retail management. Your commercial performance in the bank should match with actual values. Tally your bank declaration with the bank account book maintained on the BillClap app for mobile and consistently control your business.

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100% Data Security

Our software mechanically takes backup of all your data to the private and secure site in an encoded format to avoid any coincidental of losing them due to device alteration or harm. BillClap is entirely sure and provides you with a 100% secure and efficient backup system to keep your data safe.

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Benefits of India’s Number One Digital Accounting Software for Retail Stores

  1. It makes acquiring inventory, payments, expenses and client management easy, alongside billing and invoicing.
  2. Customer queues for billing get cleared faster.
  3. Governing your retail store finances becomes practicable.
  4. No more human blunders. Everything is computerized - billing, discounts & GST tax designs.
  5. Diminishes the cost of preserving your retail store.
  6. Look professional and shock your customers by sending bills on WhatsApp.
  7. Get better-off and repeated customers.
  8. Automate business tasks and make lifecycle easy.
  9. Accessible, appropriate, cost-effective, works offline, anywhere, anytime store access from any device.
  10. Do more than just accounting using this accounting software for retail stores.
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Suited for Businesses

  • Start Ups
  • Department Stores
  • Chain Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Discount Retailers
  • Warehouse Retailers
  • Franchises
  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Online Retailing
  • Catalog Retailing
  • Nonstore Retailing
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